2024 Koret Scholars

Congratulations 2024 Koret Undergraduate Research Scholars

an koret

Kerney An

Mentor: Shelbi Russell
Project: Exploring Recombination in Mixed Wolbachia Infections
Major: Biomolecular Engineering and Bioinformatics
College: Crown

Anicetti Koret

Matteo Anicetti

Mentor: Melanie Kirkpatrick
Project: Development of a Primary, Air-Liquid Interface, Murine Small Intestinal
Culture System via an Enteroid Model
Major: Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
College: Oakes

Ayyer koret

Madhu Ayyer

Mentor: Addis Getahun
Project: Towards the synthesis of a monomeric, unperturbed bismuthine oxide
Major: Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
College: Crown

bartosik koret

Sam Bartosik-Velez

Mentor: Emily Nazario
Project: Comparing Thermoregulatory Strategies Between Atlantic Bottlenose
Dolphins (Tursiops truncatus) and Beluga Whales (Delphinapterus leucas)
Major: Marine Biology
College: Merrill

Cellucci koret

Natalie Cellucci

Mentor: Michael Patnode
Project: Modeling gut microbe interactions through surface adhesion
Major: Molecular, Cell, and Developmental Biology
College: Kresge

Cheng Koret

Emily Cheng

Mentor: Melissa Jurica
Project: The Effect of Intron RNA Sequence on Spliceosome Assembly
Major: Molecular, Cell, and Developmental Biology
College: JRLewis

davis koret

Quinn Davis

Mentor:Kristina Chew
Project: The Influence of Hesiodic Cosmology and Hierarchy on John Milton's 
Paradise Lost
Major: Classical Studies
College: Kresge


Connor Dickinson

Mentor: Ryan Foley
Project: Constraints on the Progenitor Star of the Type Ic Supernova 2023cj
Major: Physics (Astrophysics)
College: Carson

echandia-monroe koret

Kathryn Echandia-Monroe

Mentor: Olena Vaske
Project: Comparative RNA sequencing analysis reveals KRAS A146P presence
in rare form of Gliosarcoma
Major: Molecular, Cell, and Developmental Biology; and Cognitive Science
College: Nine

Fintamag Koret

Julie Fintamag

Mentor: Kat Gutierrez
Project: Watsonville is in the Heart; Mapping A Recuperative History of Filipino
Major: History
College: Nine

Gangadharan Koret

Aditi Gangadharan

Mentor: Andrew Skemer
Project: Optics Testing for SCALES
Major: Applied Physics
College: Nine

Garg Koret

Shreyanshi Garg

Mentor: Puragra GuhaThakurta
Project: A Comparison of the PypeIt and spec2d Data Reduction Pipelines for Keck
DEIMOS Spectra
Major: Physics (Astrophysics)
College: Nine

Gunasekaran koret

Skye Gunasekaran

Mentor: Jason Eshraghian
Project: A Neuromorphic System for Continual Seizure Prediction
Major: Computer Science
College: Crown

Han Koret

Clara Han

Mentor: Ali Shariati
Project: Epigenome Engineering of Embryonic Stem Cells to Construct Embryo-like
Major: Biomolecular Engineering and Bioinformatics
College: Nine

Huang Koret

Elise Huang

Mentors: Yvonne Vasquez and Anouk van den Bout
Project: Optimization of clinical tumor RNA sequencing assay for synovial sarcoma
Major: Human Biology
College: Carson

kato koret

Andrew Kato

Mentor: Haoze Li
Project: Structural and scopal asymmetries in the syntax of relative measurements
Major: Linguistics
College: Cowell

Khare koret

Mansi Khare

Mentor: Anouk van den Bout
Project: Developing an RNA-based fusion gene detection assay

Major: Molecular, Cell, and Developmental Biology
College: JRLewis

Knight Koret

Heather Knight

Mentor: Marco Rolandi
Project: A Bioelectronic Approach to Modeling Epilepsy with Cortical Organoids
Major: Neuroscience 
College: Cowell

le Koret

Quynh Le

Mentors: Seth Rubin, Gerd Mueller
Project: The Binding of DREAM Complex Upon the Inactivation of 
CHR (Cell-cycle Homology Region)
Major: Biochemistry & Molecular Biology
College: Cowell

Lee Koret

Albert Lee

Mentor: Tyler Sorensen
Project: Towards Safe GPU Acceleration in Web Browsers
Major: Computer Engineering
College: JRLewis

Lee Koret

Emily Lee

Mentor: Marco Rolandi
Project: Depression Biomarker Sensor with Bioprotonics
Major: Electrical Engineering
College: Carson

Lefebre Koret

Gabriel Lefebre

Mentor: Shaun McKinnie
Project: Investigation of biosynthetic potential in Actinobacterial gene clusters
using Cas12a Direct Cloning

Major: Molecular, Cell, and Developmental Biology
College: Merrill

Leyton Koret

James Leyton

Mentor: Alan Christy
Project: Ryukyu Kingdom Video Project
Major: History
College: Crown

Logari koret

Elias Logari

Mentor: Needhi Bhalla
Project: Determing the Role of PCH-2 in Meiotic Recombination Distribution
Using SNIP-SNP Analysis
Major: Molecular, Cell, and Developmental Biology
College: Nine

Lokhandwala Koret

Oliver Lokhandwala

Mentor: Leilani Gilpin
Project: Explainable AI Autograder

Major: Computer Science
College: Nine

Lopez koret

Fénix López

Mentor: Tesla Jeltema
Project: Understanding Dark Matter Content and Supermassive Blackhole Activity
in a Galaxy Cluster Using X-ray Data
Major: Physics (Astrophysics)
College: JRLewis

Mader Koret

Emily Mader

Mentor: Zoujian Zhang
Project: Uniform forward-modeling analysis of L and T benchmark brown dwarfs
Major: Physics (Astrophysics)
College: Carson

Malegaonkar Koret

Yash Malegaonkar

Mentor: Sai Siddartha Maram
Project: Shloka

Major: Computer Science: Game Design
College: JRLewis

Ognibene koret

Lucas Ognibene

Mentor: Peter Weiss-Penzias
Project: Heavy Metals in the Eastern Sierras by Elemental Analysis of Trout Fin
Major: Environmental Science
College: Carson

Oh Koret

Kristina Oh

Mentor: Meredith Stevers
Project: Illuminating U2snRNA Mutations: A Fluorescent Splicing Reporter System
Major: Molecular, Cell, and Developmental Biology
College: Stevenson

Orduna Koret

Kristopher Orduna

Mentor: Kent Eaton
Project: Bulletproof Education: Analyzing the Paradox of School Shootings in
Gun-Controlled Mexico
Major: Politics and Legal Studies
College: JRLewis

Pale Koret

Krystle Pale

Mentor: Amy Argenal
Project: Exploring the Challenges Faced by Student Parents in Higher Education
Major: Sociology
College: Oakes

Soto Koret

Javier Perez Soto

Mentor: Rebecca Jensen Clem
Development of deformable mirror-based pupil chopping for exoplanet
imaging and adaptive optics

Major: Applied Physics
College: Merrill

Ramirez koret

Serena Ramirez

Mentor: Heather Bullock
The Impact of Habitat for Humanity Housing on Psychological Well-Being
and Family Dynamics
Major: Psychology; Critical Race & Ethnic Studies
College: Porter

reed koret

Colette Reed

Mentor: Zac Zimmer
Project: Examining Queerness and Politics in Southern California Punk History
Major: Art
College: Porter

Ricarte Koret

Sean Ricarte

Mentor: Tesla Jeltema
Project: Refining Cosmological Constraints: Testing a Cluster Selection Algorithm
Major: Physics; and Mathematics Theory and Computation
College: Kresge

Riegels koret

Daniel Riegels

Mentor: Ajay Shenoy
Project: Measuring and Estimating Retail Productivity
Major: Economics
College: Nine

Rodriguez-Vazquez Koret Monica Rodriguez-Vazquez

Mentor: Manel Camps
Project: Elucidating the Genetic Basis of Antibiotic Resistance in Uropathogenic
E. coli
Major: Molecular, Cell, and Developmental Biology
College: Kresge
Samuelson Koret Geneva Samuelson

Mentor: Marc Matera
Project: Dating Dating: Using Relationship Advice in Print Media to Track Attitudes
Towards Sex and Gender in the Late 20th Century
Major: History
College: Cowell
Sauerman Koret Melina Sauerman

Mentor: Kristina Chew
Project: Botanical Latin as a Tool in the Portrayal of Affective Relationships in the
Roman Empire
Major: Plant Science; and Literature 
College: Carson
Schmidt Koret
Zoe Shmidt

Mentor: Lars Fehren-Schmitz
Project: Optimization of a Minimally-Invasive DNA Extraction Protocol for Human
Dental Remains
Major: Anthropology
College: Oakes
Sinervo Koret Ari Sinervo

Mentor: David Haussler
Project: Mapping Information Flow in Human Brain Tissue
Major: Computer Science
College: Porter
Thomas Koret Gwen Thomas

Mentor: Julien Menendez
Project: The Role of Endoreplication in Regulating Endometrial Growth
Major: Ecology and Evolutionary Biology
College: Carson
Von Strasser Koret Max Von Strasser

Mentor: Grant Whipple
Project: Sustainable Spaces
Major: Art
College: Kresge
wachtel koret Eliot Wachtel

Mentor: Mircea Teodorescu
Project: Automated microfluidic system to enhance cerebral organoid culture
Major: Robotics Engineering
College: Carson
wang koret Elizabeth Wang

Mentors: Mark Carr, Andrea Paz-Lavacex
Project: Effect of Tegula brunnea grazing on microscopic Macrocystis pyrifera
Major: Marine Biology; and Molecular, Cell, and Developmental Biology
College: Crown
Yi Koret Winston Yi

Mentor: Chen Qian
Project: Benchmarking Quantum Network Routing Protocols
Major: Computer Science
College: Merrill
zarzuela Koret izzy zazueta

Mentor: Michelle Parra
Project: A Feminist Analysis of Mexican and Chicane Fashion and Aesthetics
Major: Politics
College: JRLewis

2024 Koret Mentor Award Recipients

At the end of the spring quarter, before the Koret Slam event, students are sent a google form to nominate their mentor for special recognition. The Faculty Director of Honors reviews the student responses and selects up to 10 mentors (2 in each division) for the Koret Mentor Award. Mentors recieving this award are recognized at the Koret Research Slam and their names and Divisions will be listed here on this page.
To see last year's Koret Mentor Award winners, click here.


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