2021-22 Koret Scholars

2021-22 Koret Scholars Photo Collage

Congratulations to the 2022 Koret Scholars

Justine Alberto (Psychology BA)
Mentor: Su-hua Wang
Project: How do parents and children collaborate through question asking?
Claire Apana (Art BA)
Mentor: Karolina Karlic
Project: Archival Imaging: Recontextualizing the Past for the Future
Daniel Arriaza (Biomolecular Engr & Bioinformatics BS)
Mentor: Daniel Kim
Project: Non-coding RNA Biomarkers for Early Cancer Detection
Chailen August (Critical Race & Ethnic Studies BA)
Mentor: Michelle Gomez Parra
Project: The Cultural Appropriation of Hip Hop Through White Consumerism
Kaylee Baker (Psychology BA)
Mentor: Hannah Hausman
Project: Remembering History: How Experience, Identity, and Implicit Bias Affect Memory of Historical Figures
Mara Baylis (Neuroscience BS)
Mentor: Russell Corbett-Detig
Project: Somatic Mutations in Mitochondrial DNA of Drosophila
Griffin Bertucco (Linguistics)
Mentor: Grant McGuire
Project: Phonetic Inventorying of L2 English Speakers
Micaela Bisaccio (Linguistics)
Mentor: Grant McGuire
Project: Phonetic Inventorying of L2 English Speakers
Aja Bond (Art BA, History of Art and Visual Culture BA)
Mentor: Kyle Parry
Project: Sites of Decomposition
Lia Bonver (Classical Studies BA, Literature BA)
Mentor: Kristina Chew
Project: Weaving, Witchcraft, and Women in Ancient Greece
Annabel Bouwer (Cognitive Science BS)
Mentor: Hannah Raila
Project: The Mindful Gaze: Correlations Between Trait Mindfulness and Selective Attention to Positive Stimuli
Noah Brigham (Earth Sciences BS)
Mentor: Terry Blackburn
Project: Subglacial Gypsum Precipitates
Colin Campbell (Physics (Astrophysics) BS)
Mentor: Martin Devecka
Project: Ancient Astronomy
Samantha Carreno (Anthropology BA)
Mentor: Nancy Chen
Project: Reframing My Mother’s Still Born Dreams: Examining Intergenerational Trauma For First Generation Students
Madeline Chertkow (Biomolecular Engineering & Bioinformatics)
Mentor: Daniel Kim
Project: Noncoding RNA biomarkers for early cancer detection
Magali Chonteco (Literature BA, Spanish Studies BA)
Mentor: Zachary Zimmer
Project: Design, Production, and Intellectual Property: The Evolution of Fast Fashion in the Age of Social Media
Cambell Conour (Chemistry BS)
Mentor: Scott Oliver
Project: Ligand Length Impacts On MOF Anion Exchange
Joseph Cruz (Biomolecular Engineering & Bioinformatics) 
Mentor: Rebecca DuBois
Project: Investigating the COBRA NG2 Hemagglutinin for Universal Flu Vaccine Development
Trevin Dace (Sociology BA)
Mentor: Rebecca London
Project: The social and psychological benefits of agriculture
Fiona DeBernardi (Psychology BA)
Mentor: Audun Dahl
Project: Cheating in everyday scenarios: How situational pressures impact students’ judgments.
Phoebe Dunbar (Environmental Studies BA)
Mentor: Weixin Cheng
Project: Establishing baseline soil carbon contents in campus ecosystems using a method calibrated for each location
Austin Dymont (Physics (Astrophysics) BS)
Mentor: Xinting Yu
Project: Cleaning our Hazy and Cloudy Lens on Temperate Exoplanets
Joel Earwicker (Physics (Astrophysics) BS)
Mentor: Jonathan Fortney
Project: The Effects of Density Perturbations on Models of the Interior Structure of Jupiter and Saturn
Samuel English (Physics (Astrophysics) BS)
Mentor: Stefano Profumo
Project: The Hidden Friend’s Wake: Dark Matter and a Binary at the Galactic Center
Tony Estrella (Anthropology BA, Psychology BA)
Mentor: Vicky Oelze
Project: An ethnographic inventory of chimpanzee (Pan troglodytes schweinfurthii) termite eating behaviors of the Issa Valley, Tanzania
Jordan Fickel (Art & Design: Games & Playable Media BA) 
Mentor: micha cárdenas
Project: Augmented Reality Climate Art Research
Kenneth Gee (Computer Science BS)
Mentor: Stephan B. Munch
Project: Making forecasts in exogenously driven ecosystems
Cristina Gonzalez (Psychology BA, Latin American Studies/Sociology Comb BA)
Mentor: Steven McKay
Project: We Belong
Sophia Grewell (Critical Race & Ethnic Studies BA, Feminist Studies BA)
Mentor: Katie Keliiaa
Project: Unsettling Domesticity
Sydney Haith (Earth Sciences BS)
Mentor: Joshua Krissansen-Totten
Project: Testing Models of Biosignature False Positives: Predicted Trends in pO2 Across Time and Space for Lifeless Terrestrial Planets
Lauren Hatcher (Classical Studies BA)
Mentor: Martin Devecka
Project: Ancient Astronomies
Dakota Hughes (Psychology BA)
Mentor: Audun Dahl
Project: Helpful or hurtful? An exploration of students' perspectives on the academic misconduct process at UCSC
Lindsay Jones (Earth Sciences BS)
Mentor: Grace Pearsall
Project: Examining the relationship between pesticide and herbicide pollution and tidal marsh greenhouse gas emissions in the Elkhorn Slough
Harpreet Kaur (Legal Studies BA, Feminist Studies BA)
Mentor: Alison Hanson
Project: How are hegemonic masculinities produced and mobilized in globalization and their effects on women's class, racial, and sexual bodies?
Sayaka Kozuki (Biotechnology BA, Molecular, Cellular, and Developmental Biology BS)
Mentor: Gerrald Lodewijk
Project: A CRISPR-based Method for Generation of a Synthetic Model of the Embryo
Jasmine Krause (Environmental Sciences BS)
Mentor: Margaret Zimmer
Project: Wildfire Effects On Physical and Chemical Properties of Soil in Northern California
Victoria Lacerca-Desrosiers (Literature BA)
Mentor: Martin Devecka
Project: Ancient Astronomy
Sarah Lange (Physics (Astrophysics) BS)
Mentor: Natalie Batalha
Project: Comprehensive catalog of TESS planet masses
Jodi Lee (Biochemistry & Molecular Bio BS)
Mentor: Melissa Jurica
Project: Harnessing Transcriptomics to Assess the Importance of Intron Retention
Luiza Leonovich (Legal Studies BA)
Mentor: Kent Eaton
Project: The Politics of Brazil’s Response to COVID-19
Jialin Li (Physics (Astrophysics) BS)
Mentor: Andy Skemer
Project: Lyot Stop Designs for New Exoplanet Imager - SCALES
Raquel Lozano (Ecology and Evolution BS)
Mentor: Roxanne Beltran
Project: Moult Phenology of Northern Elephant Seals at Año Nuevo State Park
Elina Luong (Molecular Cell Developmental Biology BS)
Mentor: Stefany Rubio
Project:Van Gogh-like 2 Paints the Milky Way
Jasmine Lyng (Psychology BA)
Mentor: Regina Day Langhout
Project: Student Veteran Photovoice Project: Capturing, Enhancing, and Increasing Student Veteran Visibility and Engagement on Campus
Manisha Magal (Business Mgmt Economics BA)
Mentor: Gueyon Kim
Project: The Effect of Crime Rates and Perceptions of Safety on the Female Labor Force Participation Rate in Rural and Urban India
Anika Mahajan (Comp Sci Computer Game Design BS)
Mentor: Eddie Melcer
Project: How Rewind Mechanics Affect Reflection, Player Experience, and Perceived Challenge in Emotionally Complex Games
Jenna Martinez (Environmental Sciences BS)
Mentor: Phoebe Lam
Project: Particulate Cd:P through trophic levels in the California Current
Jennifer Aimee Martinez (Sociology BA, Education, Democracy, & Justice BA, and Latin American & Latino Studies)
Mentor: Steven McKay
Project: We Belong: How Immigrant Communities Facilitate Their Sense of Belonging Through Acts of Resistance
Nikhil Marudai (Human Biology BS)
Mentor: David Boyd
Project: Determining differentiation pathways and lifespans of lung fibroblasts responding to viral infections
Malaika Menon (Human Biology BS)
Mentor: Needhi Bhalla
Project: Investigating PCH-2's Molecular Mechanism in Promoting Meiotic Fidelity
Rhea Modi (Psychology BA, Cognitive Science BS)
Mentor: Hannah Raila
Project: The Mindful Gaze: Correlations Between Trait Mindfulness and Selective Attention to Positive Stimuli
Elana Muzzy (Bioengineering BS)
Mentor: Harika Dechiraju
Project: Integrating Iontronics with Cerebral Organoids
Khang Ngo (Physics BS)
Mentor: Puragra (Raja) GuhaThakurta
Project: Kinematical, Chemical, and Physical Properties of the Ionized Gas Disks of Andromeda and Triangulum
Jeremiah Ockenfuss (Physics BS)
Mentor: Jason Nielsen
Project: High-Energy Particle Kinematics in Vector Boson Fusion
Isabella Ossiander (Marine Biology BS)
Mentor: Melissa Cronin
Project: Investigating Seafood Fraud of Mobula Rays in the Markets of Baja Mexico
Sophia Pinter (Earth Sciences BS)
Mentor: Terry Blackburn
Project: A ten thousand year record of active Antarctic subglacial lake flushing cycles and response to millennial scale climate shifts
James Retana (Film and Digital Media BA)
Mentor: Emily Hentschke
Project: Have You Eaten Today? A Study On CalFresh Usage and Accessibility by UCSC Students
Peter Schadlich (Anthropology BA)
Mentor: Michelaina Johnson
Project: Equitable Stakeholder Representation in the Pajaro Valley, California
Turvi Sharma (Biomolecular Engr & Bioinf BS)
Mentor: Melissa Jurica
Project: Early Assembly of the Spliceosome
Justin Sim (Biochemistry & Molecular Bio BS)
Mentor: Manuel Ares
Project: Detection and mechanism of intron gain in human cells
McKenna Smith (Marine Biology BS)
Mentor: Peter Weiss
Project: The Effect of Forest Fires on Mercury Contamination in Watersheds
Amelia Smyth (Art BA, Chemistry BA)
Mentor: Shaun McKinnie
Project: Synthesis of Diazepinomicin by Exploration of new VHPO b-cluster
Alec Soronow (Biomolecular Engineering and Bioinformatics BS)
Mentor: Euiseok Kim
Project: Connectivity of Cortico-cortical Neurons in Mouse Visual Cortex
Casey Vigilia (Environmental Sciences BS)
Mentor: Gracie Pearsall
Project: Impacts of Microplastics on Wetland Soil Structure and Greenhouse Gas Emissions
Urvi Vyas (Neuroscience BS)
Mentor: David Feldheim
Project: Histological registration of auditory neurons and probe placement in Superior Colliculus
Emma Willis (Classical Studies BA, History BA)
Mentor: Elaine Sullivan
Project: Witness the Weeping Woman: Feminized Mourning in Egypt and Rome
Daniel Wruck (Biochemistry & Molecular Bio BS)
Mentor: Carrie L. Partch
Project: Examining the Role of NHR-23 in C. elegans Molting and its Links to Mammalian Circadian Rhythms
Amy Wu (Environmental Sciences BS)
Mentor: Claudie Beaulieu
Project: Investigating Global Warming Surges
Michelle Yi (Psychology BA)
Mentor: Heather Bullock
Ensuring Basic Needs: Studying Barriers to CalFresh Among College Students

 2021-2022 Koret Mentor Award Recipients

Social Sciences
Rebecca London (Sociology)
Steven McKay (Sociology)
Elaine Sullivan (History)
Caitlin Keliiaa (Feminist Studies) 
Physical & Biological Sciences
Jason Nielsen (Physics) 
Raja Guha Thakurta (Astronomy & Astrophysics)
Shaun McKinnie (Chemistry & Biochemistry)
Brian Mullen ( Molecular, Cell, & Developmental Biology)
Jackob McBroom (Biomolecular Engineering)
John Dzimianski (Biomolecular Engineering) 


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