Frequently Asked Questions


What are undergraduate honors?

Undergraduate honors includes; Dean's honors awarded at the end of every quarter, the College Scholars honors program for first year students, Department/major honors awarded at the end of your degree program, University honors awarded at graduation and membership in honors organizations like Golden Key and Phi Beta Kappa. For more go to the Honors Program page.

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I've just been admitted to UCSC and I'm interested in Honors Programs. What can I do to prepare?

Incoming undergraduates in every division and department at UC Santa Cruz have the opportunity to get honors. First year students can participate in the College Scholars Program. Click here to go to the College Scholars site. Second years and beyond can get Dean's Honors, and work toward Department honors and University Honors. Click here to learn more about these honors awards. All students can benefit from meeting with professors regularly, ask about course concepts and assignments, and asking how they can acheive the best grade possible in a specific course. In addition, as you prepare a plan for meeting your upper division courses in your major, ask the department undergraduate advisor what the criteria is for getting department honors. 

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When should I begin working toward honors?

You should begin looking into honors criteria and talking to professors as soon as possible, ideally during or after your first or second year. If you ask what the professor looks for in an "honors student" while you are taking classes, you can increase the chance of getting honors.

If you are planning to transfer to UCSC, look into what professors are teaching and doing research in an area that interests you.  Email them and ask what they look for in an honors student.

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How can I get more help?

Contact the advisers for your major. For more assistance email

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