College Scholars Program

Updated April 2024

In 2023-24 the UC Santa Cruz College Scholars Program (CSP) provides a stimulating home for highly motivated students to build community with like-minded peers during their first and second years as they explore research at a research university. A diverse cohort of College Scholars across all five academic divisions and all ten colleges cultivate academic and non-academic strengths in a learning community. Between 20 and 25 students are housed in close proximity in each college and together participate in an enriched program of study designed to prepare them to take advantage of opportunities for undergraduate research at the upper division. Across four quarters, students have access to supplementary activities, special courses, small seminars, and a faculty research colloquium to explore what questions drive researchers and what forms research can take. To facilitate participation in these program requirements, CSP students receive priority enrollment during their time in the program. 

Researchers work in many sectors including academia, education and educational policy, foundations, government and public policy, housing and urban development, journalism, law, marketing and sales, medicine, public health, tech, and more!

College Scholars Admissions


Admission to the program is paused for the 2024-25 academic year, as the colleges work to build more opportunities like this to reach more students as part of their transformative UC Santa Cruz experience.

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