Student Achievement Week

JUNE 2-6, 2014

Honoring UCSC's Undergraduate Students

Students are recognized for their achievements in research and other scholarly activities during Student Achievement Week, June 2 – 6, 2014. Many presented their work publicly through a myriad of events -- everything from the Annual Print Sale, art exhibitions, and theater productions to a sciences and engineering poster symposium.


2014 Deans’ & Chancellor’s Awards

These awards recognize outstanding achievement by undergraduate students in each division.  Each student or student team works on a senior reseach or milestone project and is mentored by a faculty member (noted in parentheses below).  A committee in each division selects that year’s Deans’ Award recipients.  Winners of the Chancellor’s Awards (noted by an asterisk below) are selected from recipients of Deans’ Awards.

Division of the Arts

Seth Crumrine*, “Santa Cruz Silent Cinema”  (Shelley Stamp)

Atara Jaffe*, “Die Antwoord: An Antagonistic Negotiation of Post-Apartheid Afrikaner Identity”  (Rachel Nelson)

Amelia Nommensen*, “Random With A Purpose XXII”  (Edward C Warburton and Gerald Casel)

Karina Chavarin, “Machinal: Costume Design ”  (Brandin Baron-Nusbaum and Kirsten Brandt)

Sam Clevenger, “Werewolf”  (Irene Lusztig)

Shawheen Keyani, “Art Department Promotional Film”  (Jennifer Parker)

Aiden McKee, “Bachelor of Music Recital in Percussion”  (William Winant)

Alejandro Santana, “Midnight Warrior”   (Jennifer Taylor)

Kiera Stasny, “In Absence of a Portrait: The Mrs True Series”  (Lewis Watts)

Lauren Tomicich, “Imaging Identity: Amateur Photography from Kodak to the Camera Phone”  (Martin Berger)

Jack Baskin School of Engineering

Taylor Furtado*, Ivan Romero, Kyla Lawrence, Alexander Lynchosky, and Michael Sit, “Motorized EMG-Controlled Hand, M.E.C.H”  (Paul Naud, Mircea Teodorescu, and Patrick Mantey)

Beau Norgeot*, “Computational Design of ASiP as Drug to Treat Melanoma”  (David Bernick and Glenn Millhauser)

Payam Yousefi*, “Crystal Structure of the Human Astrovirus Capsid Core”  (Rebecca Dubois)

Felipe Barreto, “ABEL trap circuit analysis and upgrades”  (Holger Schmidt)

Michael Flores, “Analysis of Solar Array in a Solar Window Wall”  (Michael Isaacson)

Kayla Hidalgo, William Ye, and Julie Do, “ARS Ground Station Rev. 2”  (Stephen Petersen, Paul Naud and John Vesecky)

Carolynn Jimenez, “Evaluating Dynamic Storytelling in Fables”  (Marilyn Walker)

Ikuru Kanuma, “Dental Robotics: A Method to Automatize Dental Veneer Preparation.”  (Jacob Rosen)

Akshar Lohith, “Illuminating the Mitochondria and the Mitochondrial Genome's role in Neurodegeneration with Nanopipettes”  (Nader Pourmand)

David Zeppa, Thomas Goddard, Konstantin Litovskiy, Nathan Nichols-Roy, Matthew Reed, Igor Shvartser, and Nicholas Smith, “P-OSRA”  (Linda Werner)

Division of Humanities

Camille Charette*, “Back to Nature: Human Subjectivity and the Possibility of Empirical Knowledge through Education”  (Paul Roth)

Chelsea Miller*, “Parallel Subject Identification in Ellipsis Resolution”  (Matthew Wagers)

Trevor Stober*, “Our Struggle: Why The Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee Expelled Its White Members”  (David Brundage)

Rachelle Boyson, Nicholas Eggert, Hannah Elston, Brittny Fadelli, Sean Johnson, Cecilia Lopez, Chelsea Miller, Vincent Del Prado, Krisen Sheets, and Anthony Zavala “On the Causative Construction”  (James McCloskey and Jorge Hankamer)

Jan Jorritsma, “Epistemology as Therapy: John McDowell on Truth and "The Space of Reasons"”  (Paul Roth)

Samantha House, “Perpetuation, Subjugation or Colonial Prosperity: The Laws of Slavery and Elite White Power within Colonial Virginia, New Netherlands, and New York”  (Gregory O'Malley)

Stephen Richter, “Maria - a Telenovela for the Stage (Medea)”  (Susan Gillman)

Michael Titone, “The Semantics of Nothing If Not Constructions”  (Adrian Brasoveanu)

Emma Train, "An Aesthetic-or Ethics-of Incompletion": J.M. Coetzee's Novels as Works of Ethical Mourning”  (Vilashini Cooppan)

Emily Wolper, “Splendid Failures in Blake and The Marrow of Tradition”  (Susan Gillman)

Division of Physical & Biological Sciences

Anna Godinho*, “Effects of Ehrharta erecta on the redwood understory and implications for restoration”  (Ingrid Parker)

Emily Healy*, “Energy Minimization of Knotted Vortex Tubes”  (Debra Lewis)

Indra Heckenbach*, “Modeling the Complex Dynamics of Financial Markets using a Physical System with Stochastic Properties”  (Gregory Laughlin)

Christopher Anderson, “Synthesis and Reactivity of Chloromagnesium Dialkylaminoborohydride”  (Bakthan Singaram and Christopher Bailey)

Laura Chong, “Application of Inorganic Materials to Desulfurize Jet Fuel”  (Scott Oliver)

Kaitlin Hellier, “Polymer and Dye Characterization for Optimization of Luminescent Solar Concentrators”  (Sue Carter and Glenn Alers)

Natalia Herrera, “Identification of Yersinia genes that influence activation of host NFÎoB triggered by the Type III Secretion System”  (Victoria Stone)

Elizabeth Lagesse, “Structural and Functional Studies of the Human Astrovirus Capsid Protein”  (Rebecca Dubois)

Priera Panescu, “An introduction to the symplectic embedding capacity of 4-dimensional ellipsoids into polydiscs”  (Debra Lewis)

Kathryn Pelon, “The Effects of El Niño Conditions on Marine Mammal Strandings in Central California”  (Robin Dunkin and David Casper)

Division of Social Sciences

Nicholas Bendinelli*, “A Women's Work is Never Done: Gendered Divisions of Labor, Patriarchy, and Empowerment in Bahía de Caráquez, Ecuador ”  (Flora Lu)

Marina Castro*, “"De-Facing" Power to Reduce Partner Violence and Enhance Psychological Well-being: Maasai Women and Land Ownership”   (Shelly Grabe and Regina Langhout)

Abel Rivas*, “The Bittersweet Truth of Strawberries Among Farmworkers in Watsonville ”  (Nancy Chen)

Rosalie Evans, “Politics of Invisibility: The Violence of Mass Incarceration for the Mentally Ill”  (Craig Haney and Gina Dent)

Sarah Gray, “The Historic and Contemporary Use of Sterilization: A Method of State Control and Genocide”  (Hiroshi Fukurai)

Sarah Hendrix, “Bringing Learning to Life: Utilizing Gardens as Tools for Experiential Education and Assessing the 2014 California School Garden Survey ”  (Jeffrey Bury)

Rebecca Maness, “Witnessing Femininity: Evangelical Women and Gender Construction”  (Megan Moodie and Chelsea Blackmore)

Cheslea Pack, “Privileged Perspectives of Diverse Discourse? Disparities in Student Perceptions of and Participation in the Enviornmental Movement at UCSC”  (Flora Lu)

Kimberly Pistilli, “The Effect of Poverty on Expectations and Aspirations of Youth in Ejido Ruben Jaramillo, Mexico”  (Ben Crow and Jonathan Fox)

Andrew Szeto, “Struggling for the Commons: An Ethnography of Ruins, Gentrification, and Social Justice in Detroit, Michigan”  (Mary Beth Pudup)

Sarah Gray, “The Historic and Contemporary Use of Sterilization: A Method of State Control and Genocide”  (Hiroshi Fukurai)

2013 Award Highlights:

2013 Steck Senior Thesis Award:

  • Kristoffer Hellen, History

If you have questions about Student Achievement Week, please email the Undergraduate Honors Program.