Student Achievement Week

JUNE 2-6, 2014

Honoring UCSC's Undergraduate Students

Students are recognized for their achievements in research and other scholarly activities during Student Achievement Week, June 2 – 6, 2014. Many presented their work publicly through a myriad of events -- everything from the Annual Print Sale, art exhibitions, and theater productions to a sciences and engineering poster symposium.


2013 Deans’ & Chancellor’s Awards

These awards recognize outstanding achievement by undergraduate students in each division.  Each student or student team works on a senior reseach or milestone project and is mentored by a faculty member (noted in parentheses below).  A committee in each division selects that year’s Deans’ Award recipients.  Winners of the Chancellor’s Awards (noted by an asterisk below) are selected from recipients of Deans’ Awards.

Division of the Arts

Adam Foster, “Morally Straight”  (Irene Lusztig)

Elliott Nguyen, “B.M. Senior Recital”  (Brian Staufenbiel)

Tiffany Seagrave, “The Dichotomy of Visual Beauty: Portraiture of the Ideal and Anti- Ideal”  (Kimberly Beil)

Michael Yarnell, “By Resort to Parables: Space, Time, and Awakened Minds in The Lotus Sutra.”  (Raoul Birnbaum)

Sean Hayward,* “Sean Hayward - Senior Recital”  (Mesut Ozgen)

Lois Rosson,* “Rethinking Fragonard: Jean-Jacques Rosseau and the Contemporary Rococo”  (Melissa Gwyn)

Ashley Young,* “Big, Black, and Bold: A Historical Textual Analysis of Black Women on Television Sitcoms”  (Shelley Stamp)

Jack Baskin School of Engineering

Ramsey Aweti, “Co-functionality of AlkB and BER DNA Repair Genes in Response to Chemotherapeutic Agents”  (Manuel Camps and DavidAlexander)

Margaret Donovan, “Evaluation of the Effect of Age on the Function of Fibroblasts through a Wound-healing Assay”  (Amy Ralston)

Chethan Jujjavarapu, “Assessing Functionality of GFP+ Hematopoietic Stem Cells in Neonate Bone Marrow”  (Camilla Forsberg and Anna Beaudin)

Douglas Marks, “Unfoldase-mediated protein translocation through an Œ±-hemolysin”  (Mark Akeson)

Jacob Schreiber, “Error Rates for Nanopore Discrimination Among Cytosine Markers Along Individual DNA Strands”  (Mark Akeson)

Herman Tsang, “A Novel Method to Mobilize Stem Cells for Transplantation in Cancer Therapies”  (Camilla Forsberg, Stephanie Smith-Berdan and Scott Wilson Boyer)

Alexander Wollenberg, “Saccharid Sensitive Polyelectrolyte for Charge-based Sensing with a Solid State Nanopore”  (Nader Pourmand and Bakthan Singaram)

Peter Cottrell,* “LASSIE (Live-in ASSistant for Independence and Eldercare)”  (Sri Kurniawan and Mircea Teodorescu)

Amanda Flores,* “MOCVD Growth of Indium Phosphide Nanowire Networks for Thermoelectrics”  (Nobuhiko Kobayashi)

Juan Jose Diaz Leon,* “Nanomaterials for energy”  (Nobuhiko Kobayashi)

Division of Humanities

Darrel Jobe, “The Core of the Neo-Confucian Movement:  The Concept of Li and its”  (Minghui Hu)

Conner Lowe, “Where Light Looks: Edward Hopper and Ekphrasis”  (John . Jordan)

Matilda Morrison, “A Tale of Two Dummies”  (Jorge Hankamer)

Melissa Ottele, “Gothic and Dickens: An Examination of Ghosts, Memory, and Self/Other Relations”  (John O. Jordan)

Emma Peoples, “Italian Clitics”  (Jorge Hankamer)

Cory Schiff, “The "Fortuyns" of Europe”  (Matthew Lasar)

Lauren Young, “Vegetable Gold: Gardens as Transition Points in Marvell and Milton”  (Michael  Ursell)

Kristoffer Hellen,* “Surviving on the Interface”  (Peter Kenez and Jonathan Beecher)

Nicholas  Primrose,* “Japanese Numerals and Numeral Quantifiers”  (Jorge Hankamer)

Joshua  Swedberg,* “Discourse Within Crisis:  The Creation of West Virginia”  (Catherine Jones)

Division of Physical & Biological Sciences

Panathda Bayrasy, “In Situ Generation of Dichloroindium Hydride via Reduction of Indium (III) Chloride”  (Bakthan Singaram)

Cole Holcomb, “Critical Conditions For The Detonation of Helium Matter: An Investigation Into The Destruction Of Wh”  (Enrico Ramirez-Ruiz)

Ethel Khanis, “Pyrogenic Remobilization of Naturally Occurring Arsenic in Patagonia, Chile”  (Russ Flegal)

Khilesh Mistry, “A SPICE Analysis of ILC Long-Ladder Noise”  (Bruce A Schumm and Vitaliy Fadeyev)

Sarina Porcella, “Studies with Helicobacter pylori: Filling in the mystery sequence of the cagY gene and determining w”  (Karen  Ottemann and Susan Williams)

Geoffrey Slaughter, “Regulation of Lifespan by the Mes-2/3/6 Complex and H3K27ME3 Depletion During Aging in C. Elegans”  (Susan Strome)

Michelle Sloan, “The Effects of Autophagic Proteins on Focal Accumulations of Kinesin Mutants in Drosophila Axons”  (William Saxton)

Paul Buzbee,* “Searches of RHESSI Data for Weak Signals Associated with Terrestrial Gamma-Ray Flashes”  (David Smith)

Cameron Ferguson,* “An investigation into small RNAs‚Äô role in the genomic gymnastics that take place during macronuclear”  (Alan Zahler)

Emerson Glassey,* “BioCAM: Biological and Chemical Annotation by Mode-of-  Action”  (Roger Linington, Scott Lokey, Walter Bray, and Kenji Kurita)

Division of Social Sciences

Allison Bach, “Neoliberalism, International Law, and the Failures of Privatized Water Systems to Increase Access to”  (Ruth Langridge and Sarah Romano)

Aleshia Barajas, Modifications in the Immigrant Community of  (Jonathan Fox and John Borrego)

Matthew Goff, “What is Water Equity?”  (Ben Crow)

Daniel Kagan, “New Media & Communication Paradigms: Intersections of Social and Technological Progress”  (B. Ruby Rich)

Emma McDonell, “Indigeneity in the Neoliberal Era: Anti-Mining Protests in Puno, Peru” (Jeffrey Bury and Andrew Mathews)

Alexa Paynter, “Testing the Predictive Validity of the Sexual Double Standards Scale in Undergraduate Women”  (Campbell Leaper and Kim Cardilla)

Savyonne Steindler, “Being a Baal Teshuvah:  Religion and Secularism in the Lives of Newly Observant Jews”  (Lisa Rofel and Mayanthi Fernando)

Alisa Pierini,* “Identify in Irish Music:  The Evolution of Irish Identify through Music” (Danilyn Rutherford)

Nestor Silva,* “Indigenous Youth Perspectives, Oil Development and Human Environmental Rights in Ecuadorian Amazonia”  (Flora Lu)

Carson Watts,* “Sanitation Services and Perceptions of Possibilities: A Case Study of Old Fadama in Accra, Ghana”  (Ben Crow)

Division of Undergraduate Education

Andrew Kornfeld, “Brain, Mind, and Consciousness Conference”  (Faye Crosby)

2013 Award Highlights:

2013 Steck Senior Thesis Award:

  • Kristoffer Hellen, History

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