2022-23 Koret Scholars

Congratulations to the Current Koret Undergraduate Research Scholars

Alina Aguilar
Mentor: Andrew Skemer
Project: SCALES diffraction grating design project for Keck Observatory
Maxine Altura
Mentor: Mark Amengual
Project: Cross-linguistic influence in Tagalog-English bilingual speech
Donovan Baker
Mentor: Melissa Jurica
Project: Determining required factors for intron recognition by U2 snRNP
Megumi Barata
Mentor: Martha Zúñiga
Project: How do autoreactive T cells escape the Grim Reaper?
Kora Cadle
Mentor: Rut Molinuevo
Project: Investigating endoreplication in human endometrial cells and its effects on endometriosis
Jaxon Chester
Mentor: Alan Christy
Project: Chanpuru: An exploration of contemporary Okinawan & Hawaiian material cultures
Natasha Cohen
Mentor: Kristina Chew
Project: Potions and distortions: Who were the witches of ancient Rome?
Samantha Contreras
Mentor: David Lederman
Project: Magnonics for THz applications
Atirath Dhara
Mentor: Ryan Foley
Project: Investigating the hypo-luminous supernova 2008ha
Karina Diaz Alvarez
Mentor: Heather Bullock
Project: Breaking the silence: Investigating food insecurity for undocumented communities
Rebeca Diaz-Perez
Mentor: Jennifer Parker
Project: We Triumph” mural proposal
Valeria Galindo-Eguiarte
Mentor: Susan Pit
Project: The effect of alkalinity on subsurface carbon cycling in Elkhorn Slough
Andrea Galvez
Mentor: Chris Vollmers
Project: DNA sequencing protocol enhancement
Valerie Garcia
Mentor: Rebecca London
Project: Whose HSI?: A look into the Latinx student experience at UC Santa Cruz
Ann Gobei-Bacaylan
Mentor: Frankie Gerraty
Project: Coastal connections: Assessing vertebrate scavenger assemblages across an urbanization gradient
Benjamin Goldstein
Mentor: Kat Gutierrez
Project: Sowing seeds: Filipino American stories from the Pajaro Valley
Noe Gonzalez
Mentor: Jason Nielsen
Project: Study of boosted Higgs bosons in vector boson fusion and associated production
Spencer Greene
Mentor: Emily Sinclair
Project: Lost passion - a bachelor's of music recital
Maryke Grobler
Mentor: Needhi Bhalla
Putting the “snap” in synaptonemal complex: Identifying how a meiotic checkpoint protein gets recruited to chromosomes
Sawyer Hall
Mentor: Joshua Krissansen-Totton
Project: Constraining background N2 atmospheric inventories of exoplanets to distinguish biotic O2
Emily Hallam
Mentor: Craig Fellers
Project: Impact of analogy on planned behavior in a medical context
Nathan Ho
Mentor: Michael Stone
Project: Building understanding of telomerase search behavior by probing telomeric proteins POT1-TPP1 complex
Melanie Jones
Mentor: Shaun Mckinnie
Project: Engineering enzyme IboH to a kainoid synthase
Elina Juvonen
Mentor: Megan Moodie
Drafting the new American woman: International relations in women’s magazines during the Cold War
Kasey La
Mentor: Liv Hoversten
Project: What was my error?: Online processing of speech disfluency by foreign-accented Speakers
Nancy Lau
Mentor: Alvaro Cardenas
Project: Security of embedded vehicle access system software implementations
Yitong Lei
Mentor: Noriko Aso
Imaging of Chinatown: Dreams, futures, and changing racializations of 唐人街
Sadira Lewis
Mentor: Jess H.K. Law
Project: Event derived modification, an experimental approach
Nathan Ling
Mentor: John Morgan
Project: How does urbanization and human population density influence puma behaviors in the Santa Cruz mountains
Zoë Hruby Linstrom
Mentor: Dee Hibbert-Jones
Project: Deities of pollution
Rae Mancuso
Mentor: Peter Raimondi
The potential recovery of Heliaster kubiniji following a mass mortality event: an investigation into a marine carnivore
Emmett Marks-Froot
Mentor: Martin Devecka
Project: The evolution of magical names in classical antiquity
Julian Martinov
Mentor: Peter Rothman
Project: Decentralized information verification
Shivani Modha
Mentor: Steven McKay
Project: We Belong-Pertenecemos: Institutions of belonging vs. not belonging in mixed status communities
Axel Nateras
Mentor: Angela Brooks
Project: Overexpression Vs. endogenous expression
Sabrina Nguyen
Mentor: Kristina Chew
Project: Jewish art and archeology in the Roman empire
Ivette Orozco Sanchez
Mentor: Zac Zimmer
Project: Tijuana, transformations of a City
Remington Plischke
Mentor: Laurel Fox
Project: Oak tree response to microhabitats
Nataliia Rivera
Mentor: Sean Keilen
Project: Human suffering through eyes of Buddha and Shakespeare
Damiana Rojas
Mentor: Greg Gilbert
Project: The role of fire in controlling Botrytis cinerea presence in the redwood forest
Isabelle Shapiro
Mentor: Phoebe Lam
Project: Carbon cycling in the remote south pacific and southern ocean
Rakshya Sharma
Mentor: Angela Brooks
Project: Identifying RNA splicing patterns in cancer using MESA
Sara Sotelo
Mentor: Michael Chemers
Project: UNIBEAUTY and her evil daughters: A complete dramaturgy
Damien Stoffel
Mentor: Juan Poblete
Project: Critical approaches to the information age: The commodification and colonization of the personal
Iakov Taranenko
Mentor: Alvaro Cardenas
Project: Drone security standards research
Lucas Tilley
Mentor: Kent Eaton
Project: Informal mining in the Orinoco Basin: Indios, Selva y Soldados
Zia Truong
Mentor: David Haussler
Project: Counterpoise
Dylan Waste
Mentor: Kent Eaton
Project: Disinformation and deception: Measuring russian operations in the Latin American information environment
Noelle Yaitanes
Mentor: Carrie Partch
Project: Investigating the role of kinase tails in the regulation of circadian rhythms
Michela Yang
Mentor: Yuk Shing Lam
Project: Use and access of mental health resources among college students
Jaiden Zak
Mentor: Will Steinhardt
Project: The effect of contact area distribution on the frictional properties of a modeled fault
Austin Zaman
Mentor: Oskar Elek
Project: 3D visualization of polyphy
Joe Zheng
Mentor: Charlie Chesney
Project: Living solar panel (temperature project)

2023 Koret Mentor Award Recipients

At the end of the spring quarter, before the Koret Slam event, students are sent a google form to nominate their mentor for special recognition. The Faculty Director of Honors reviews the student responses and selects up to 10 mentors (2 in each division) for the Koret Mentor Award. Mentors recieving this award are recognized at the Koret Research Slam and their names and Divisions will be listed here on this page.
To see last year's Koret Mentor Award winners, click here.


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