2018-19 Koret Scholars

Koret Slam 2019

Congratulations to the 2018-19 Koret Undergraduate Research Scholars

Jasmine Aya Abdul-Karim (COWELL)
Major: Anthropology BA
Mentor: Viktoria Oelze
Project: Dietary Analysis of Sacsayhyaman and Kanamarka and Social Stratification Implications

Joselyn Alanzalon (MERRILL)
Major: Molecular, Cellular and Developmental Biology BS
Mentor: Camilla Forsberg
Project: Hormonal Regulation of Hematopoietic Stem Cell Trafficking

Maria Fernanda Alcantara Ornelas (OAKES)
Major: Latin American and Latino Studies BA
Mentor: Regina Langhout
Project: The role of yPAR with Latinx youth in healing community trauma inflicted by La Migra and police

Diana C. Alvarado (MERRILL)
Major: Marine Biology BS
Mentor: Roxanne Beltran
Project: Aerial Photogrammetry to Assess Foraging Success in a Marine Mammal

Alyssa Bercasio (CROWN)
Major: Human Biology BS
Mentor: Camilla Forsberg
Project: ROBO4-Mediated Hematopoietic Stem Cell Trafficking Between the Sinusoid and the Bone Marrow Niche

Rita Yuriel Carbajal (COWELL)
Major: Politics BA
Mentor: Kent Eaton
Project: Politics of Alternative Living Solutions

Janely Cárdenas Vargas (MERRILL)
Majors: Psychology BA and Latin American and Latino Studies BA
Mentor: Rebecca Covarrubias
Project: The Effects of Deficit Thinking on Struggling Students

Juliette S. Carr (COWELL)
Major: Art BA
Mentor: A. Laurie Palmer
Project: Read Between the Lines

Eimy Castellanos (NINE)
Major: Biochemistry and Molecular Biology BS
Mentor: Jessie Lopez
Project: Contributions of KIN17 3_10 Helix Loop to Splice Site Choice

Ma. Carmelle Catamura (NINE)
Major: Bioengineering BS
Mentor: Angela Brooks
Project: Aberrant Splicing as Biomarkers in Cancer Cell Lines Sensitized to Drugs that Target Splicing Regulators

Matthew Cattle (COWELL)
Major: Bioengineering BS
Mentor: Angela Brooks
Project: Exploring Gene Expression Changes During the Innate Immune Response

Nirupama Chandrasekhar (COWELL)
Major: History BA
Mentor: Alice Yang
Project: Turtleback Tombs, Paper Cranes, Memorials and Eisa: Modern Contextualization of Death in Okinawa

Audel Contreras Jr. (TEN)
Major: Psychology BA
Mentor: Rebecca Covarrubias
Project: How is closeness to family and motivation to attend college linked to psychological outcomes, such as stress, for Latinx FGC?         

Maria Cordova (TEN)
Major: Pre-Film and Digital Media
Mentor: Rebecca Covarrubias
Project: Examining the Attributions for Underrepresentation in STEM

Jordan Ford (CARSON)
Major: Bioengineering BS
Mentor: Rebecca DuBois
Project: Expression and Purification of Human Astrovirus Spikes 3-7, and Antibody Cross-Reactivity Tests

May A Freitas (KRESGE)
Major: Literature BA
Mentor: Kirstin Wagner
Project: Practices of Matriarchal Silencing and Cycles of Sexual Abuse in Mexican-American Families

Julieta Gomez (NINE)
Major: Marine Biology BS
Mentor: Lauren Bell
Project: Differences of Seasonal Growth Rate Between High-Latitude Coralline Algae

Gabriel Granado (MERRILL)
Major: Anthropology BA
Mentor: Vicky Oelze
Project: Trophic Predictions for fossil sabertooth cats and their influence on human evolution

Sydney Gutierrez (CARSON)
Major: Human Biology BS
Mentor: Jeremy Lee
Project: LL-37

Metztli Amaru Hamelius (OAKES)
Major: Proposed Music
Mentor: Zac Zimmer
Project: Queering Female Pachuquismo

Imon Islam (CARSON)
Major: Molecular, Cellular and Developmental Biology BS
Mentor: Christopher Vollmers
Project: Using New Long Read Low Error Method (R2C2) to Sequence Human B & T Cell Repertoires for Autoimmune Disease

Cheyenne N. Jarman (CROWN)
Majors: Computer Science BA and Marine Biology BS
Mentor: Joshua Smith
Project: Mechanisms for resiliency: how prey quality influences meso-predator preference in a kelp forest ecosystem

Chloe Jot (NINE)
Major: Literature BA
Mentor: Wlad Godzich
Project: An Inquiry Into the Power of Fiction

Lyubov Kaplanskaya (PORTER)
Majors: Psychology BA and Ecology and Evolutionary Biology BS
Mentor: Heather Bullock
Project: Addressing Self-Care Needs and Public Health Concerns of the Skid Row Population

Glorianna Klyce (STEVENSON)
Major: Sociology BA
Mentor: Theresa Johnson
Project: Empowering young women to pursue higher education by promoting college readiness through summer camps.

Eric Lahaye (CROWN)
Major: Psychology BA
Mentor: Nicolas Davidenko
Project: Efficiency of the detection of ambiguous images and faces in the peripheral visual field.

Thao Le (OAKES)
Major: Sociology BA
Mentor: Steve McKay
Project: Trends and Characteristics of Property Ownership in the City of Santa Cruz

Lesly Martinez Ibanez (Porter)
Major: Legal Studies BA
Mentor: Karina Ruiz
Project: The Multi-Generational Impact on the Upward Mobility of DACAmented Students in Mixed-Status Families

Adam Lentz (CROWN)
Major: Biology BS
Mentor: Victoria Auerbuch
Project: Effect of the Cyclic Peptomer 4-EpD-1,2N on Bacterial Type III Secretion System Assembly

Joyce Lin (PORTER)
Major: Art and Design: Games and Playable Media BA
Mentor: Marcelo Viana Neto
Project: Queering Spacetime: A Card Game about Positive Representation, Liminality, and Intimacy

Xochitl Liliana Lopez (PORTER)
Major: Mathematics BA
Mentor: Alison Galloway
Project: A Comparison of Human Decomposition Sequences in Arizona and Colorado Desert Environments

Daniel A. Lopez-Adame (PORTER)
Major: Mathematics (Education) BA
Mentor: Judit Moschkovich
Project: Exploring how mathematical writing and discussions support mathematical arguments

Gozong Zina Lor (CARSON)
Major: Ecology and Evolutionary Biology BS
Mentor: Laurel Fox
Project: Resource partitioning conserves biodiversity in a maritime chaparral habitat

Flor Vanessa Maciel (CROWN)
Majors: Earth Sciences BS and Environmental Studies BA
Mentor: Nicole Feldl
Project: The Influence of Stratospheric Aerosol Geoengineering on Earth’s Climate System

Cynthia Manzo (STEVENSON)
Major: Psychology BA
Mentor: Rebecca Covarrubias
Project: Evaluating the Impact of UCSC First-Generation Faculty Role Models for FG Students

Lleymi J. Martinez Arango (MERRILL)
Majors: Neuroscience BS and Psychology BA
Mentor: Steve McKay
Project: Thriving Immigrant Communities Across Disciplinary Studies: Community Initiated, Student-Led Research (CISL) Done Together-Apart

Bernarda Martinez Martinez (MERRILL)
Major: Cognitive Science BS
Mentor: Steve McKay
Project: Thriving Immigrant Communities Across Disciplinary Studies: Community Initiated, Student-Led Research (CISL) Done Together-Apart

Eric Medina (KRESGE)
Major: Latin American and Latino Studies BA
Mentor: Carlos Garza
Project: Genetic Determination of Connectivity and Reproductive Success in a California Coho Salmon Stronghold

Natalie Dawn Miller (NINE)
Major: Psychology BA
Mentor: Daniel Rodriguez Ramirez
Project: Exploring Institutional Barriers: The Ending of an 11 Year Relationship Between a yPAR Project and a School District

Angel Jesus Mora (OAKES)
Major: Sociology BA
Mentor: Rebecca London
Project: The Incarceration Effect: Barriers Students with Incarceration Experience Deal with in Higher Education

Ana Moreland (KRESGE)
Major: Ecology and Evolution BS
Mentor: Barry Sinervo
Project: Measuring the physical performance of southern alligator lizards in a changing climate

Alexis Danielle Munoz (MERRILL)
Major: Neurobiology BS
Mentor: Phillip Crews
Project: Identification of the Biosynthetic Gene Clusters Responsible for the Production of Jasplakinolide

Issabella Nguyen (CARSON)
Major: Feminist Studies BA
Mentor: Jessica Calvanico
Project: Visual Economies of Racial Terror in Digital Media

Stephanie Perez (MERRILL)
Major: Legal Studies BA
Mentor: Matt O'Hara
Project: Law and the Early History of Bioprospecting in the Ecuadorian Amazon

Victoria M Power (KRESGE)
Major: Art BA
Mentor: Enrique Leal
Project: Uncanny Observations: The Aesthetic Power of Magnification

Megan Pryce (STEVENSON)
Major: Molecular, Cellular and Developmental Biology BS
Mentor: Kevin Johnson
Project: Determining how the Helicobacter pylori chemoreceptor TlpA modulates host inflammation

Alejandra Ramos (CARSON)
Major: Latin American and Latino Studies BA
Mentor: Steve McKay
Project: Thriving Immigrant Communities Across Disciplinary Studies: Community Initiated, Student-Led Research (CISL) Done Together-Apart

Caitlyn Rich (MERRILL)
Major: Ecology and Evolution BS
Mentor: Barry Sinervo
Project: Coloration Selection in Ensatinas at Fort Ord UC Reserve

Tiffani L Rojas (STEVENSON)
Major: Latin American and Latino Studies BA
Mentor: Christine Rosales
Project: Sueños y Resistencia: How Latina Women Dream for Social Change through Acts of Resistance

Samuel Rosloff (STEVENSON)
Major: Intensive Psychology BA
Mentor: Brandon Balazar Carr
Project: Diversity in the Baskin School of Engineering 

Zafar Rustamkulov (CROWN)
Major: Physics (Astrophysics) BS
Mentor: Jonathan Fortney
Project: Assessing the Role of Clouds on Exoplanet Atmosphere Spectroscopy

Arvid Samuelson (PORTER)
Major: Psychology BA
Mentor: Audun Dahl
Project: On snitching, loyalty, and honesty: Students' reasoning about whether to report when others cheat.

Jared Semana (MERRILL)
Major: Proposed Critical Race and Ethnic Studies
Mentor: Steve McKay
Project: Thriving Immigrant Communities Across Disciplinary Studies: Community Initiated, Student-Led Research (CISL) Done Together-Apart

Maya Silverman (COWELL)
Major: Physics BS
Mentor: Stefano Profumo
Project: Angular Power Spectrum of Galactic Pulsar Wind Nebulae

Kylie Stiglmeier (OAKES)
Major: Applied Physics BS
Mentor: Alexander Sher
Project: Probing Molecular Mechanisms Involved in Retinal Plasticity

Samantha Stringer (MERRILL)
Major: History BA
Mentor: Jennifer Derr
Project: Education and Identity in Mandate Palestine

Joshua Teso (TEN)
Major: Intensive Psychology BA
Mentor: Brandon Balazar Carr
Project: Diversity in the School of Engineering 

Alyssa Thompson (PORTER)
Major: Proposed Marine Biology
Mentor: Erin McCauley
Project: Building a Natural Product  Pure Compound Library for the Advancement of Pharmaceutical Drug Leads

Claudia Torres (OAKES)
Major: Proposed Sociology
Mentor: Steve McKay
Project: Thriving Immigrant Communities Across Disciplinary Studies: Community Initiated, Student-Led Research (CISL) Done Together-Apart

 Valeria Urrutia Hurtado (CARSON)
Major: Physics BS
Mentor: Enrico Ramirez-Ruiz
Project: What is the longest GRB that can be powered when a massive star collapses?

Joy Velasquez (CARSON)
Major: Physics BS
Mentor: Constance Rockosi
Project: The Formation of the Milky Way Stellar Halo

Carolin Wahl (CROWN)
Major: Chemistry BS
Mentor: Rene Mercado
Project: Yolk-shell nanostructures of metal nanoparticles encapsulated in hollow porous carbon spheres as catalyst for oxygen reduction.

Joey Wong (OAKES)
Major: Biochemistry and Molecular Biology BS
Mentor: Jeremy Lee
Project: Assessing the Role of the p3 Peptide in Alzheimer’s Disease Pathogenesis Using a Drosophila Model

Tin Long Sunny Wong (CROWN)
Major: Physics (Astrophysics) BS
Mentor: Josiah Schwab
Project: Observable Signatures of Helium-Accreting White Dwarfs Interacting with their Environments

Brian Young (CARSON)
Major: Molecular, Cellular and Developmental Biology BS
Mentor: Peter Weiss-Penzias
Project: Mercury Methylation by Desulfovibrio desulficans

Elizabeth Yunerman (CROWN)
Major: Physics (Astrophysics) BS
Mentor: Ruth Murray-Clay
Project: Overcoming the Meter-size Barrier in Planet Formation Models