Koret Scholars Application

Koret Scholar Applications are Currently Closed

More information about the Koret Scholar Program application will be posted on this page soon. Workshops will be offered to help students prepare a strong application. 

Eligibility Criteria: In the past, eligibilty requirements included the following:

  • The applicant must be an enrolled UCSC undergraduate student in good academic standing. Applicants will be required to provide access to educational records for verification purposes.
  • Previous Koret Scholars were not eligible to reapply.
  • The applicant must have a UCSC faculty (or, in some cases, a UCSC graduate student) mentor for the project. Applicants will be required to work with their mentor to develop a research project. The student is also required to provide a link to their mentor so they can submit a confidential letter of recommendation
  • Research projects could be student or faculty-originated, by means of independent study, over 1 or 2 quarters.
  • Research projects were to be completed prior to the student's graduation.

Expections: In the past, expectations included the following:

  • Koret Scholars were expected to work with their mentors in a 2- , or 5-credit independent study class.
  • The Koret Scholars program was intended to enable students to participate in a research project outside of their courses in collaboration with faculty and/or graduate students. As such, research projects could not be assignments in regular courses. However, new research projects could be developed out of previous coursework. 
  • Students would submit a one-page final report on their research project at the end of the final quarter.
  • Students would participate in the "Koret Scholars Research Slam" during Student Achievement Week, in early June.